PRO-VAC®IB (Active / live virus vaccine for Infectious Bronchitis in poultry)
Live Monovalent vaccine for immunization against Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV: strain KH-120)


Advantage :

  • Adopting attenuated infectious bronchitis virus, H-120, effective for outdoor application
  • Maximized efficacy by independent freeze-drying method

Composition :
Each dose contains:
Infectious Bronchitis virus (strain KH-120) – 50% (min 10 3.0 EID50)
LPGG – 50%
Streptomycin Sulfate – 200IU / ml
Penicillin – 200IU / ml

LPGG composition:
Lactose – 74.62 gr
Monopotassium phosphate – 0.52 gr
Dipotassium phosphate – 1,25 gr
Monosodium glutamate – 0.83 gr
Gelatin – 10,0 gr
Destilata water – qs 1,000 ml

Dosage and Administration :
PRO-VAC®IB is a live virus vaccine, a freeze-dried form containing the Avian Infectious Bronchitis virus, strain KH-120. Used to increase immunity against Infectious Bronchitis virus infections.
PRO-VAC®IB can be given to poultry through:
• Drinking water: Immediately given after diluting it with drinking water
• Aerosol-spraying: Vaccines that have been diluted with distillate water, are sprayed using a pressure spray.
• Ocular or nasal: Vaccines that have been diluted with solvents, dripped into the eye or nose according to the dose per tail.

Precaution :
Use in accordance with veterinary’s prescription and instructions