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Complex regulatory obligations combined with market drivers from emerging Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability initiatives and pressure from downstream customers have driven companies to demand more detailed information from products and suppliers. Consequences from failure to manage these obligations correctly can be catastrophic, going beyond regulatory fines to real business impact that could mean significant operational losses, reduced market access and position, or limited competitive agility and decreased customer satisfaction.

For companies caught in the middle, understanding the compliance status and origins of the products, suppliers, and components in your supply chain is a critical aspect of managing your regulatory obligations, communicating to key stakeholders, and mitigating supply chain risk.


Collecting Information a Challenge

Managing supply chain documentation from suppliers, such as material disclosures, substance declarations, compliance certificates, and certificates of origin can be time-consuming, resource-intensive and painstaking.  SISTAR has long been the established world leader of supplier data collection and compliance information services. Our ability to help you prosper in an ever-changing and stiflingly compliance climate is unmatched in the marketplace.


Risk Mitigation and Disclosure Management

SISTAR Company’s Supply Chain Compliance Solution combines the power of content, services, and technology to provide customers with the ability to quickly identify risk in their supply chain and respond accordingly, delivering transparency and compliance assurance to customers and stakeholders. Supply Chain Compliance, when well executed, supports business continuity, enhances process agility, bolsters market access, and reduces costs.


Supplier Engagement

SISTAR has learned from experience that successful supplier cooperation and data obtainment requires both the science of technology approach and art of the human touch. Our dedicated team of obtainment specialists has mastered this art and implemented business rules and best practices that significantly increases supplier participation, shortens response times and optimizes cost. SISTAR values your supplier network as much as you do, conducting outreach campaigns in partnership with our customers, which details are requested and why, in time zone and language appropriate packages, resulting in information sourced faster and cheaper than if you had done it yourself.


Data Obtainment Service

SISTAR collects and manages a large dossier of product compliance and risk related data and documentation to ensure you have accurate and up-todate information when you need it.


Monitoring Emerging Regulations and Requirements

SISTAR helps companies keep an eye on the future with unique insight into new and emerging regulations and market conditions that may impact them, their suppliers or their customers. SISTAR’s regulatory experts continuously monitor regulatory and market developments to provide timely notification and in-depth analysis of what these changes mean. Leveraging vast global regulatory expertise, substance-level regulatory databases, and product and industry knowledge, SISTAR helps companies sustain compliance with regulatory requirements for products that are being sourced or finished goods placed on the market.


Supply Chain Support Service and Document Development

SISTAR’s experienced team of regulatory experts will help you respond to incoming customer surveys and inquiries related to the compliance status of your products. SISTAR will author compliance documentation based either on regulatory or industry guidelines as well as customer requirements. This may include Certificates of Compliance, Material Declarations, Certifications or other document types. We’re able to receive and protect confidential business information to enable our team to confirm compliance with specific criteria or regulations, while guarding sensitive trade secrets.



SISTAR Supply Chain Consulting Services can provide customer specific consulting and advisory services related to supply chain compliance, including information for specific products or product types, specific regions or general compliance strategies. In addition, our services can be tailored to your needs. Typical engagements range from developing a compliance risk portfolio for a specific product, industry or market; researching gaps, requirement specific workshops and developing content where suppliers are unable to meet information requirements; and creating outbound compliance assurance support.


SISTAR’s provides news and analysis on both new and proposed regulations that could impact the company or its supply chain.

Key benefits of SISTAR’s Regulatory Monitoring service include:

Online access to a searchable archive of news articles

Each news article contains SISTAR’s regulatory expert analysis and insight enabling companies to quickly determine the potential impact of regulatory changes


Regulations are constantly changing. It requiresto track hundreds of regulations in many jurisdictions as they apply to thousands of substances. Access to comprehensive, centralized global regulatory information is needed to ensure overall product and facility compliance.


Managing a compliance program is no easy task given the complexities associated with compliance on a global scale. Organizations using sophisticated enterprise solutions, whether custom-developed or commercial systems, need access to relevant, comprehensive compliance related content within the system to facilitate increased operational efficiencies, informed decision-making and consistent compliance practices throughout the enterprise.

SISTAR’s core competence is researching, sourcing, aggregating, enriching and maintaining compliance related data and making it available to our customers in a format that is easy, practical to use, and based on their specific needs.