Inactivated Monovalent (Strain B1) for Newcastle disease immunization.


Advantage :
Antigen adsorbed product by virus antigen concentration and safety-evidenced immune booster.

Composition :

  • Inactivated Newcastle disease virus culture solution
  • Aluminum hydroxide gel.

Indication :
For immunization in fowl against Newcastle disease.

Dosage and Administration :
Administer this vaccine by the intramuscular route in the breast or thigh muscle as follows:

  • Less than 3 weeks after hatch : 0.10mL
  • Between 3 weeks and 7 weeks : 0.25mL
  • more than 7 weeks old : 0.50ml

500 mL For 1000 doses

Precaution :
Use in accordance with veterinarian’s prescription and instructions.

Registration Number:
No. Reg KEMENTAN RI: I.14024725 VTC