Live monovalent vaccine (Strain Lasota) for the prevention of Newcastle disease.


Advantage :
Lentogenic vaccine strain, Lasota strain.
It can be mixed with other strains to eradicate Newcastle Disease.

Composition :
Newcastle disease virus strain Lasota (ND: Lasota Strain.

Indication :
For the immunization in fowl against Newcastle disease infection.

Dosage and Administration

  • The diluted vaccine at the recommended dosage is administered to the grower chicks at over 5 weeks old.
    When vaccinating a day old chicks, such vaccination reaction such as respiratory disease and others can occurred
  • Administer after reconstituting with antiseptic and/or disinfectant-free neutral underground water
  • Volume of water to dissolve 1 vial

    Age of Chicken 500 doses/vial 1000 doses/vial
    Below 8 weeks old 10000 mL 20000 mL
    Over 8 weeks old 20000 mL 40000 mL

Precautions :
Use according to veterinarian’s direction.

Registration Number
No. Reg KEMENTAN RI: I.14024726 VTS

For 1000 doses