Live monovalent vaccine for the prevention of Fowl Pox.


Advantage :

  • Maximized efficacy by independent freeze-drying method
  • Attenuated Fowl Pox Virus, effective for outdoor applications.

Composition :
TCH Fowl Pox Virus.

Indication :
For the active immunization against Fowl Pox Disease in chickens and turkeys.

Dosage and Administration :

  • Stab inoculation : completely dissolve the freeze-dried or lyophilized vaccine with accompanied diluent, adsorb it to paracentesis needle, Administer it through wing.
  • Selection of paracentesis needle.
  • Chicken at over 4 weeks old : accompanied paracentesis needle (pair needle)
  • Chicken at below 4 weeks old : paracentesis needle to remove one needle (single needle)

Precautions :

  • Use in accordance with veterinary’s prescription and instructions
  • In case of administration to chicks at below 4 weeks, the immunity will not last for whole life. so it is recommended to re-vaccinate.
  • at 5-8 days post vaccination, edema will be occurred on inoculation site but will disappear.

For 1000 doses