Live monovalent vaccine (Ulster 2C strain ) for the immunization against Newcastle disease.


Advantage :

  • Vaccination with various routes of administration; by oral (drinking water), ocular (eye drops), and nasal (nose drops), spray method for 1 day of age.
  • Very safe and stable with ICPI 0 (Intracerebral Pathogenicity Index), Ulster 2C strain .

Composition :
Attenuated Newcastle disease virus (NDV: Ulster 2C Strain ).

Indication :
For immunization in fowl against Newcastle disease infection.
Dosage and Administration :

  • Drinking Water Method
    Administer after reconstituting with antiseptic and/or disinfectant-free neutral underground water.

    Age of Chicken 500 doses/vial 1000 doses/vial
    1-4 days old 2500mL 5000mL
    2 weeks old 5000mL 10000mL
    4 weeks old 10000mL 20000mL
    2 months old 20000mL 40000mL
  • Spray method
    -1000 doses/one vial of vaccine diluted with 300-500mL of sterilized distilled water, and is evenly sprayed among chicks at around 50cm height from the head of chicken so that it can be worn intra-ocularly and intra-nasally
    -Adjust the nozzle for even particle (60-150μm) to be sprayed
    -At spray, stop the operation of heater and ventilator to restrict the airflow with best
    -Follow instruction sheet, when using automatic spray machine
  • Ocular and Nasal Method
    1000 doses/one vial of lyophilized vaccine with 30mL diluent, place on drop (approx. 0.03mL) of reconstituted vaccine on the eye or nostril level accurately so that it can be penetrated without any leakage outside.

Precaution :
Use in accordance with veterinarian’s prescription and instructions.

Registration Number :
No. Reg KEMENTAN RI: I.14024724 VTS

For 1000 doses