SISTAR determine exactly where a business wants to be in a say 3-5 years and developing a strategy that will help the business to get there. SISTAR define marketing strategies as tailor made art for each individual business simply because every business is different.

From our own experience, a good marketing strategy encompasses a wide range of subjects included identifying a business’ current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It makes recommendations on the business’ promotional material, advertising, corporate image, public relations activity, internet strategy and levels of customer service.


Many businesses find themselves in financial trouble due to a lack of customers. SISTAR professionally identify why a business is losing its share of customers and make recommendations to correct the problem.


More businesses are looking for specialist training in these areas so that it can take more control of the future growth of their business. Because of this, SISTAR is sought after to pass on skills & knowledge.


Many businesses look for marketing companies to assist them in the growth of their business in an ongoing capacity. SISTAR develops a strategic marketing plan and then work with the business to implement the plan over a period of time.  SISTAR has many clients that we have been working with for years in the capacity of a marketing mentor.

SISTAR develops a long and loyal list of clients. It will grow by word of mouth advertising and referrals from satisfied customers and it will produce results. In fact one of the best ways to decide on which marketing company to use is to ask for a list of customers that can be contacted as referees to verify the ability of the marketing company to produce results and to deliver what they promise.



SISTAR provides in-depth recommendations and strategies for maximizing revenue by combining new media options with traditional advertising.

  • Media Planning: We’ll take your budget and allocate it month-bymonth, week-by-week, breaking it down by medium used.
  • Media Placement: Using SISTAR to negotiate and purchase your media will save you money and stretch your advertising dollar to it maximum capacity.
  • Promotional Strategies: Need some fresh promotional ideas that will drive traffic and create more revenue? Take advantage of our experience that will provide you with the results you are looking for.
  • Responsive Website & Build: SISTAR can optimize your online exposure and develop responsive, cost-effective websites and social media campaigns.
  • Seasonal Promotions & Special Events: Ramp up your efforts with some great seasonal promotions and special events, which can generate new interest in your business, boost online and onsite sales, as well as provide your community with fun!
  • Third-party Tie-ins & Cross Promotions: SISTAR has the ability to reach out and grab some additional exposure to your business by tying in other businesses by utilizing their marketing efforts and offerings.
  • Public, Community & Media Relations: Great public relations go hand-in-hand with a good marketing plan. We can help you plan in advance how you are going to reach the media and community.
  • Partnerships & Sponsorships: There’s no better way to expand your reach, cut your marketing costs and create excitement than developing and maintaining corporate partnerships. SISTAR will define your assets to use for leverage for long-term gain and put together a plan on how to secure partners!
  • Graphic Design: SISTAR can produce cutting-edge, compelling advertising and marketing materials to grab the attention of your audience!


SISTAR specializes in media negotiation and media buying.

Once your marketing plan is developed, securing the best schedules is key to getting the biggest bang for your buck.

SISTAR can work with any size budget to maximize your exposure and exceed your goals!

We work with all advertising mediums: radio, television, out-of-home, social media, you name it, we’ve done it!


SISTAR uses a variety of social media platforms to engage its clients’ audience in a way that promotes a positive brand image and integration of all marketing tools into cohesive messaging.

We set up, maintain and manage dozens of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts that are meaningful and successful.


In addition to our ongoing social media services, we also offer a Facebook Enhancement Package.

The Facebook Enhancement Package comes with Facebook Applications that are used for landing pages, slide shows, contests, exclusive offers and more, plus:

  • Maintenance: Ongoing posts supporting our promotions and initiatives with controlled content
  • Custom Graphics/Artwork: Your apps are professionally designed to reflect your business and current Facebook offerings
  • Reports & Statistics: Monitor efforts and measure growth

We’ll get started by creating a six-month social media plan customized for your business. Together, we will map out a

calendar of Facebook initiatives and promotions, along with gathering your content, photos and items that you want us to use on your Facebook page.


SISTAR can develop, create, plan and execute promotions and events for your company.

We also specialize in third-party tie-ins, sponsorships and partnerships for your next promotion or event.

SISTAR has won several industry awards for their clients in the Special Events and Promotions categories, with the awards based on creative ad campaigns, integrated marketing strategies and the results of the promotions and events themselves.

Julie Dion is also a national speaker for multiple industries specifically on the topic of Promotions.



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